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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

September 24,2020

Dear OHHA Members:

The past two weeks have reflected the relentless hard work of your Board. Last week against great odds your pool center was opened with all the Coronavirus guidelines. Every household with a pool key should have received the necessary waiver and behavioral requirements expected of everyone using the pool. I believe a shout out for several people are in order who worked on the Pool Committee: Michelle McLeod, Fernando Munoz (Board), Michael Kelly (Board) and Todd Fridey (Board). Another special thanks go to our Administrator, Steve Naslund and your new Maintenance Person Mitch Lemos who both contributed their intelligence and muscles to get the job done.

Today we can celebrate a great victory by the overwhelming passage of the new CC&R’s and Bylaws. Out of 240 garnered 227 voted yes for the new CC&Rs and 222 voted yes for the updated Bylaws.

A few of the Board members began working on this project in 2008. In 2009 there was a general membership meeting with about 30 in attendance with lots of questions for the attorney Paul Gullion. The Board went back to the drawing board and then the tennis courts needed replacing (a $200,000 project) and later the pool and spa needed resurfacing (recently done again this year), the deck needed to be replaced and a rash of other issues, etc. The CC&R update lost priority. Sometime in between then and 2014 I left the Board and rejoined because I wanted the Board to complete this task of replacing the CC&Rs and Bylaws but I was confronted with restructuring job descriptions, evaluations and other personnel matters that could not be ignored. Once again, the CCRs lost significance.

During Cathy Garza’s term of President members of the Board put their noses to the grindstone and got back to work approving line by line the replacement language by attorney Anne Secker. By October of 2018 the work was completed and sent out to the homeowners for a vote. Indeed, it has taken us two years with a final push the last three months to get us over the finish line of 202 votes.

I want to thank everyone who was ever involved in this historic event for all their extraordinary efforts on the phone and away from home and family walking the streets from door to door requesting, explaining and cajoling for a yes vote. Everyone on the Board contributed in the past or recently but I want to give a special shout out to Dana Suverkrop and Steve Naslund for the shear volume of votes they garnered.

Your President,

Tom Dominy

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