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New Moves

The last month has seen very exciting news about changes in personnel. After an extensive search with Craig’s List, Next Door, neighborhood postings and mass mailing cards, The Board successfully found and hired a candidate for Maintenance Person in Mr. Chris Burris who not only lives in Oak Hills but is President of his own homeowner’s association near Cathedral Oak. Chris has solid experience in construction as an entrepreneur and is studying for his Master’s degree in Graphic Arts Design.

Our very own neighbor Steve Naslund has served 15 years as our Administrator. Although the Board would love to have him for another 15 years given his outstanding performance, he and his wife Barbara have already begun moving to their new residence in Arizona and his last day as Administrator is November 30. The Board wishes them all the best for their new life away from Oak Hills.

Another similar search was done to fill the impending Administrator vacancy and several candidates for the position stepped forward for interviews. Of those Chris Burris proved the strongest candidate. Taking on both roles fits well with his lifestyle as father of 2 children and the Board approved his employment Monday, November 1. He is training with Steve in the weeks ahead.

Until my next installment for President’s Blog, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Tom Dominy, President

Oak Hills Homeowner’s Association

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