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End of year greetings

Dear Neighbors of OHHA:

On behalf of the Board, I want to thank all those that decorated their homes so beautifully for the Christmas season. It adds to the spirit when folks put the time and effort to share their lights and figures to make the neighborhood one that people want to live and visit.

The winner of our annual contest is the Jonenson’s at 14682 Charter Oak Blvd. Congratulations Keturah and family!

Before celebrating the New Year I thought it appropriate to update those interested in the condition of the pool and spa. They have been in use for over thirty years and doing great until we had problems with the filters. With advice from people who know, the Board voted to update the equipment to run more efficiently and replace the current filters with new upgraded sand filters that require less maintenance. The Board approved a new chlorine feeder for both the pool and spa which should improve the efficiency of the chlorine levels. We look forward to having all this finished by reopening in early March.

The pool and spa were paid a visit by our friendly County inspector and unfortunately found higher acidity in the spa than is acceptable and requested it be closed until it is brought to where it should be. Due to the holidays, we are waiting for the next scheduled inspection so reopen the spa.

There have been some difficulties lately with logging into regular member meetings on Zoom. Six days before the next Meeting Wednesday, January 11 at 7:00 (always the second Wednesday of the month) there will be a new meeting reminder sign without the office phone number. The new sign reminds everyone who wishes to attend the meeting can do so through the OHHA website. Once on the website tap on the News/Calendar top tab and scroll to Events Calendar and see the date where a link will allow you to join the Zoom meeting. I will be testing the link the day before or earlier on the same day of the meeting date to make sure the link works every month. Also, for those who have taken advantage of submitting your email addresses, the link will be sent to everyone as well via the expertise of our new Administrator Emma. The Board wants everyone to have an opportunity to view the meeting and/or offer a brief comment or question during the Public Comment section of the posted agenda.

Happy New Year for 2023!

Tom Dominy, President


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