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Keep the Wave

While visiting a friend who owned a farm in Michigan, I took a long walk on a country road and each time a truck or car passed the driver gave me a wave. I thought that was curious given I was a complete stranger. When I started walking Oak Hills regularly I noticed that same phenomenon and I would wave back. Some folks I could recognize quickly and others not, but it was nice to see people showing their recognition that while I was walking, the vehicle was not going to be a danger. Perhaps the driver recognized me but nonetheless, whether I recognized them or not, I appreciate it. \

During these days of the pandemic distancing still allows us acknowledge our passing and the wave fits the bill to passing cars or fellow walkers. It has been said civilization is habit. The wave is a great habit to practice and keep.

Wear it with Pride

As has been reported everyone in Oak Hills has the opportunity to order a hat, t-shirt and sweatshirt with the Oak Hills name and logo with color choices. It is very easy to order by visiting One of the tabs to the right of the President’s blog is OHHA Merchandise. Once the weather gets warmer, I look forward to seeing fellow walkers emblazed with community pride.

Rules of the Road

The Board formed an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) last year. There can be no more than 5 members total and no more than three Board members. According to the CC&R’s this is a core committee that regulates and reviews all structures such as fences, pools, spas, storage units, sheds, decks, etc. Before any of these structures is built, the homeowner must present plans to the ARC.

Another committee to be formed is the Restrictions Committee that reviews all policies in place and create new ones when needed.

None of this should create anxiety in the minds of home owners. It is actually rare for plans to go unapproved as most regulations are set by the County of Monterey. The ARC is developing guidelines with a broad spectrum of recommendations for painting that is meant to maintain the harmony of the community. The Board will always welcome the input of all members at the monthly Zoom meetings.

Yours President,

Tom Dominy

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